Monitoring of Birds of Poland — database

Portal allows to explore all data collected within monitoring projects, which are coordinated by Chief Inspectorate Of Environmental Protection. Information is organised in two sections:


The application enables for searching results according to names of species (Polish, Latin and English ones), displaying them on graphs and in tables (Indices and trends, Details) and for visualization them on maps (Maps). Survey plots occupied by birds are marked by polygons, lines or points, depending on the monitoring project. Each colour of the marking has its own meaning (see Map legend). By selecting single plot a table with control details and hyperlinks to further datasets.

Survey plots

Searching for survey plots starts after (1) selecting the name of the particular programme and (2) defining an area from the three predefined strata: administrative division (province, district, commune), state forest division (district, range) and Special Protection Areas (SPA) incorporated within Natura 2000 network. Results are shown in tables (total number of plots surveyed, results by year), on a graph or on a map. By selecting a plot on the map or in the “Results by year” table one can see a table with control details and hyperlinks to further datasets.

Data export

Selected data can be exported from the database into CSV or PDF file formats. We recommend CSV (comma-separated values) format for further data analyses and PDF for printing.